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Commercial Services

At Poli Construction, we specialize in all aspects of commercial construction. Our seasoned team can help design your development from scratch, remodel an existing commercial space to draw attention to it, and everything in between. There is no project too small or too large for us, we are happy to adapt and create a customized plan according to your needs and budget. We are committed to being your trusted partner throughout the construction process and will work with you, not against you, every step of the way. Contact us today to get a project started.

Commercial Designs

The design of your company not only serves to attract customers, it is also a reflection of what makes your company unique. We understand the importance of creating a look that helps you stand out, creates an inviting and exciting atmosphere, and displays your company’s best characteristics. Our team will work alongside you to determine your exact needs, preferences and styles, and then create a custom commercial design that is perfect for your individual needs.


Poli Construction provides professional, quality build-outs to finish empty commercial and residential spaces in a timely and affordable manner. We utilize new technology to provide you with a 3D model of what the finished design will look like before construction begins. This ensures that nothing is left to chance and gives you greater control over design decisions and the project outcome. Unlike many Florida commercial construction companies, at Poli Construction we do the majority of the work in-house to maintain quality consistency and stay on schedule and on budget.

New Construction

Our professional builders have years of experience constructing hundreds of new buildings from the ground up. We have the knowledge, skills and resources to construct a quality building that meets your exact specifications and needs. At Poli Construction, our builders take the time to listen to every one of your concerns and ideas, and we always keep you informed so you understand the necessary components of your project's assembly. We know that in any industry time is money, which is why we are upfront about our timelines and stick to them. We’ll work with your budget so you always receive fair, affordable pricing and we’ll never recommend unnecessary services that’ll increase your expenditure.

Interior/Exterior Renovations

Your building is a reflection of your business, inside and out. Our team has the right eye for design to ensure your building reflects the best aspects of your company, creates an inviting and attractive atmosphere and, most importantly, is functional for your needs. We offer a wide variety of external services including construction using concrete, brick, stone, and masonry. We also update roofs, doors, windows, and any other external features. For interior renovations, we offer dry walling, painting, framing, carpeting, tiling, wood flooring and more. We also specialize in updating mechanical and electrical systems to make your building safer. Send the right message to your customers and keep them coming back with a Poli Construction renovation.

Restaurant Remodeling

The restaurant business is highly competitive and new trends are always surfacing. As such, the design that once worked for your restaurant may now seem outdated and miles behind the competition. Poli Construction understands the importance of having a contemporary space that is as appealing as your food. Our team of professionals stays up to date with modern restaurant trends and design styles to ensure we create a unique space that reflects the best characteristics of your restaurant. We also use advanced technology to provide you with a 3D model that details exactly how your finished product will look so there is no risk or guessing involved before work begins.

Let’s Discuss Your Project Today

Let’s Discuss Your Project Today