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The restaurant business is highly competitive and new trends are always surfacing. As such, the design that once worked for your restaurant may now seem outdated and miles behind the competition. Poli Construction understands the importance of having a contemporary space that is as appealing as your food. Our team of professionals stays up to date with modern restaurant trends and design styles to ensure that we create a unique space that reflects the best characteristics of your restaurant. We also use advanced technology to provide you with a 3D model that details exactly how your finished product will look so there is no risk or guessing involved before work begins.

By taking a look at one of our past projects, you can see the wonderful work our team has done in remodeling kitchens, restaurants, and retail spaces alike. For example, with the construction of FL Bakery, our team had to remodel/repurpose an already existing, outdated building. The concept of your project is also an important part of our construction planning process. FL Bakery wanted a fast casual bakery concept, so we took those details and executed an optimized floor plan for them. This particular project consisted of gutting the entire interior space, installing new roofing and interior finishes. Additional upgrades included all new electrical, fire protection, and installment of kitchen equipment. This project further pushed our experience and expertise with remodeling interior buildings for restaurant remodeling. No matter what new concept or design you want for your restaurant remodel, we can help reimagine the layout and begin laying the foundation for the project. At Poli Construction Inc., we will work alongside you every step of the way to ensure your ideas come to life just the way you envisioned them.

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