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Poli Construction provides professional, quality build-outs to finish empty commercial and residential spaces in a timely and affordable manner. We utilize new technology to provide you with a 3D model of what the finished design will look like before construction begins. This ensures that nothing is left to chance and gives you greater control over design decisions and the project outcome. Unlike many Florida commercial construction companies, at Poli Construction we do the majority of the work in-house to maintain quality consistency and stay on schedule and on budget. Save yourself the headache and money of hiring an unreliable contractor who only reaches out to you once a week.

Nothing irritates us more than lazy construction teams. They set a bad example for the entire industry. That’s why we wanted to rewrite the narrative and stand out from the rest. At Poli Construction, we can assure you that communication is one of our greatest strengths. When it comes to something as important as a build-out on one of your properties, we will establish a clear means of communication so you’re always in the loop. Our team takes the stress out of commercial build-outs by working collaboratively to ensure your vision is met in a timely, professional manner. Additionally, we understand that every tenant has different needs, therefore we’ll customize the original construction space to meet those needs. We also go the extra mile by checking local building codes and restrictions to stay in compliance with any and all regulations. Poli Construction provides you with an honest, hard-working construction team to help take care of any build-out construction project in the Central Florida region.

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commercial designs

Whether your business needs to restructure, expand, redesign, or start from scratch Poli Construction offers a cost effective solution to your commercial design needs.

Restaurant remodeling

Breathe new life into your restaurant and attract new customers with our restaurant remodeling services. We’ll work alongside you to create a revitalized, inviting atmosphere that’s in line with your food and your values.

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