Working with the Mouse: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Refresh of Disney’s Fort Wilderness® Resort & Campground – Trail’s End Restaurant

When enchantment and skilled craftsmanship intertwine, extraordinary results follow. Poli Construction is thrilled to take you on a journey through our latest adventure – the magical makeover of the iconic Trail’s End Restaurant located in Disney’s Fort Wilderness® Resort & Campground. 

Known for its hearty dining and rustic charm, Trail’s End Restaurant was due for a dazzling refresh. We were honored to have the privilege to work with such a beloved brand and lead this transformative journey. Join us as we showcase the challenges, innovations, and teamwork involved in meeting Disney’s prestigious standards for this magical project.

Table of Contents

1. The Magic Begins: Project Overview

2. The Challenge of Excellence: Meeting Disney’s Standards

3. Crafting Dreams Together With Innovation and Teamwork

4. A Magical Milestone: Concluding Our Disney Adventure

The Magic Begins: Project Overview

The reimagination of Trail’s End Restaurant was more than just a construction project; it was a four-month-long adventure into the heart of Disney’s whimsical realm. Tasked with a $1.2 million budget, the mission was to use our remodeling expertise to bring a fresh breath of life to the existing space while enhancing its captivating allure. 

This involved a comprehensive remodel of the floors up to the ceilings, including the introduction of an innovative buffet line and revitalizing both the interior and exterior with fresh paint, ensuring that every aspect of the project echoed the essence of Disney. Moreover, improving ADA accessibility was a top priority so that all guests could enjoy the revamped space comfortably and safely.

The Challenge of Excellence: Meeting Disney’s Standards

Working with the Walt Disney Company is an honor that comes with a unique set of challenges. Every little detail, from the layout of the buffet to the color of the paint, was meticulously perfected to meet the standards of a company like Disney. Our challenge was preserving the nostalgic feeling of Trail’s End Restaurant while infusing modern elements that can elevate the guest experience. With the guidance of Disney’s imaginative vision, our team was able to ensure that every addition was both functional and fantastic.

Crafting Dreams Together With Innovation and Teamwork

At the core of this renovation was the introduction of a cutting-edge buffet line, designed to streamline service while maintaining the inviting ambiance of a countryside restaurant. The task required a harmonious blend of advanced construction technology and rustic aesthetics. 

The collaboration between our team at Poli Construction and Disney’s visionary creatives was pivotal in transforming complex plans into tangible results. Our combined commitment to precision allowed us to complete the project on schedule, within the budget, and even exceeded Disney’s high expectations.

A Magical Milestone: Concluding Our Disney Adventure

Our team at Poli Construction is filled with pride and joy having played a role in Disney’s enchanting world. This project was far more than a remodel; it marked a pivotal milestone in our portfolio, highlighting our ability to handle projects of any scale and importance. The revitalized Trail’s End Restaurant stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. 
Ready to bring a touch of magic to your next project? Please contact us today to explore the wide range of construction services we provide and learn how we can bring your dream vision to life.

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