What’s New for Construction Companies in 2023?

Every year brings new trends within the construction industry. Often these changes are due to economic, environmental, or socioeconomic factors. Some changes stick while others tend to fade away.

It’s important that those within the construction industry pay attention to trends. It can help developers to understand what clients or construction employees want. It also allows construction professionals to better maneuver through circumstances involving supply chain issues or other disruptions that could arise during the building process.

Construction Trends on the Rise

Like many industries, the last couple of years forced many to get creative and think of new ways to solve solutions. In 2023, we can expect some of this innovation to continue as new trends emerge. These are the top trends to take shape in 2023.

Equipment rentals 

Construction businesses that offer equipment rentals are expected to see a huge boost in sales over the next four years. Some predict the increase in revenue could be as much as 40%. It appears that businesses are making it easier for customers to rent equipment that they may need


Construction companies are leaning towards remote project management. This is a trend that started during the COVID-19 pandemic but is expected to really take off in 2023. With a centralized project management system, companies can better collaborate with all partners within a project. We’re also seeing an increase in companies using drones and 3D printers that could continue into 2023.


States like California are already passing laws to ban items like gasoline-powered small engines on power equipment. This signals that contractors may begin seeking tools that operate solely from electricity. If other states follow California’s lead, we could see a significant spike in electric power tools in 2023.

Renewable energy 

The price of energy is becoming more expensive. Experts believe that construction companies are taking note. One study found that from October 2021 to October 2022, electricity prices went up by 16.9%. Customers are becoming more conscious of their commitment to sustainability. They are looking for companies that share the same commitments. That’s why some believe we’ll see more construction companies making that shift to renewable energy.

Labor shortage

Experts predict that construction companies may continue to deal with labor shortages. Part of the issue is that many are nearing retirement or have already left the workforce. One study found that there are 25% more empty construction positions than workers entering the industry.

Women in construction 

One trend starting to take shape is more women entering the construction industry. There are more campaigns to recruit women. Over the last decade, there has been a 50% increase in women choosing jobs in construction. Some believe the change is attributed to women seeking a change in their careers and new opportunities.

Construction costs 

Construction experts believe that construction companies will begin to see some relief in terms of high construction costs. However, others believe that those high costs will continue, at least for the beginning of 2023, as they have since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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