Small Projects vs. Large Projects

Is Bigger Always Better?

Far too often in the construction industry, people tend to take for granted the size of a project and its value. The larger projects tend to get most of the attention and are assigned the companies’ ‘A-Team’, while the smaller projects seem to slip through the cracks. At Poli Construction, we believe no type of project should be treated so differently. We feel every dollar spent by a client is vital and deserves attention, no matter the size of the project. 

Every job and project deserves the attention to detail of the ‘A-Team’ and have every resource available to it. Whether your project is large or small, a minor remodel or a completely new structure, let a company that values every size project handle your construction needs. 

Size of the Project

A project is a project, no matter the size. Every job has a start and an end date, but the criteria for the project size can vary and take different considerations. Some of the various considerations are the cost of the project, the scope, and the duration of completion. A few of these considerations are also up to the client and not the contractor or construction team, such as the budget of the job. The duration of completion could also differ in time depending on the needs of the project and materials. 

The complexity between small and large projects also varies and there is sometimes the mindset that small equals simple and large equals complex. This is not always the case and each should deserve the full focus and attention of the construction team. The size of the project should not dictate the quality of work.

Developing a Team

For many firms, a smaller project can allow newer workers an opportunity to gain experience and develop their skill while under the supervision of senior workers to ensure the quality of work is up to par. Every worker deserves an opportunity to improve their skill while still completing valuable projects. It’s each firms’ responsibility to aid in the development of their workers’ skills and provide them with the tools to do so. At Poli Construction, we encourage improvement in a safe and controlled environment while still producing an impeccable quality of work. We utilize the same tools, and in some cases, more tools than the nationally recognized General Contractors. We don’t look to land jobs to fill quotas but to make long-lasting relationships.

Working with Poli Construction 

At Poli Construction Inc, we produce quality work in a timely manner. We provide every resource available to each project and ensure attention to detail no matter the size of the project. Each worker assigned to a project understands the importance of the work. We believe that each job, whether large or small, should receive the same attention to detail and project team commitment. 

Poli Construction is steadily growing, but at the same time, we are controlling our growth in order to stay true to our core values. We aim to treat each project like it’s our most important project. If you are looking for a construction team that treats all projects as a high priority, let’s discuss your next project today.

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