Poli Construction: A Year in Review – Celebrating 2023’s Milestones

Table of Contents

1. How Our Employees Helped To Make 2023 a Successful One

2. Which Success Stories Helped To Define 2023?

3. What’s Next for Poli Construction in 2024?

4. What Can Poli Construction Do for You in 2024?

For more than 15 years, Poli Construction has provided clients with high-quality building solutions. Throughout 2023, we have achieved remarkable success by completing a series of projects for various clients.

Through our dedication and ability to create strong client relationships, the Poli Construction team has prioritized client satisfaction. We strive to not only meet expectations but exceed them.
Our goal is to carry this momentum into 2024. We aim to harness our expertise and handle substantial projects, further solidifying our status as a leader in commercial construction.

How Our Employees Helped To Make 2023 a Successful One

Much of our success in 2023 is due to the exceptional dedication of our team. We’re committed to helping our employees unlock their full potential. That’s why we invest not only in our client projects but also in professional development for our team members.

We’ve worked to foster a workplace that encourages individual growth and achievements as a team. As we move forward, we’re confident that our team’s exceptional qualities will continue to be a driving force behind our future success and accomplishments.

Which Success Stories Helped To Define 2023?

In 2023, Poli Construction completed projects that helped to show our versatility and capabilities. One notable project was the Brevard High School Build Out.

In April, we were able to transform the space within a four-week time frame. During the first two-week period we passed critical inspections such as the mechanical partial, concrete trench, and CMU inspection.

We also completed the above-ceiling work, firewall drywall, and insulation. AC units, supports, ductwork, refrigerant lines, and wrapped metal ductwork with insulation were installed.

Other aspects of the project were completed within the following two weeks, including installing restroom walls, bollards, and AC concrete pads. The Brevard High School Build Out project was a shining example of our proficiency in project management, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering quality results.

The Four Seasons CAPA project served as another example of a successful project performed by Poli Construction. Our team took on the responsibility of being the general contractor for the hotel project in March.

We started by demolishing the cooking line, widening the kitchen, and creating more space for customers. These actions occurred during a three-week timeframe, while other companies estimated it would take six to eight weeks to complete this first phase.

In the second phase, our team replaced the floors, renovated two private dining areas, installed a new ceiling, and brought in new furniture. Our team completed the construction project in a precise and efficient manner.

What’s Next for Poli Construction in 2024?

As we head into 2024, we want to welcome new opportunities! One project that is already on our horizon is the Orange County Courthouse.

The project is slated for a renovation for the single-story, 33,915 sq. ft. building. This comprehensive project will involve site and civil upgrades, landscaping, interior demolition, and a new interior build-out.

Other key aspects of the project include MEP systems to facilitate public entry, security screenings, the creation of courtrooms, holding cells, restrooms, public waiting areas, and more.

We’ve estimated that this project will last from February to November 2024. As with our completed projects in 2023, we plan to adhere to our commitment to excellence with all of our new projects in 2024.

What Can Poli Construction Do for You in 2024?

Poli Construction welcomes new clients who value quality and reliability. We love turning your visions into reality!

We offer an array of services that include commercial designs, build-outs, new construction, interior renovations, exterior renovations, restaurant remodeling, and more.

Please contact us to learn more about how our team can assist you. You can also take a look at some of our past projects

We look forward to working with you in 2024!

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