Partnership With Touchplan.IO To Optimize The Construction Process

With project volume ramping up we needed technology that would allow us to analyze all projects in one place and detect bottlenecks early on. We needed technology that would be collaborative, transparent, and adaptable that is why we decided to partner up with Touchplan. This partnership will help us push our commitment to transparency and collaboration with clients and vendors. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of partnering with Touchplan and how it can help optimize your construction projects 

How Touchplan Works

One Unified Platform

In 2021, everyone has access to the power of technology. Tablets and smartphones are more common than ever. Winning teams are utilizing technology to collaborate better, work smarter, and improve project efficiency. Touchplan does just that. It’s a state-of-the-art construction planning tool that takes technology-powered collaboration to the next level. 

With Touchplan, you can view all your projects through one unified platform. Additionally, you can invite other team members into the project, and create roles for each team member’s company or group. By collaborating with Touchplan, we can now use one central hub to manage, overview, and complete projects in a timely manner. 

Advantages Of Having Touchplan

Touchplan insights is a dashboard for understanding a construction project’s health, risk, and performance. It enables you to quickly see where your project stands and any complications that may arise along the way. Touchplan will help us:

  • Analyze and monitor all projects through one platform
  • Detect bottlenecks and prevent them
  • Easily manage projects and individual pull plans with a simple interface
  • View and activate weekly work plans/schedules
  • Retrieve PPC reports
  • View constraint logs in real-time

All of this can be easily done through any laptop or mobile device with Wi-Fi. Construction projects are known for being stressful and everlasting, but we want to change that. Touchplan will help improve project management, streamline communication, and save you a headache. 

Prioritizing Communication & Transparency

Our vision and goals at Poli Construction perfectly align with the Touchplan interface. We are the construction team that prioritizes open communication and transparency. Communication helps us establish and build relationships on construction projects. People make decisions based on trust, so when we communicate openly, transparently, and follow through on our commitments, it builds a level of trust and forms a lasting relationship.

We also believe that communication directly delivers results. There are too many untrustworthy contractors out there that take days or even weeks to respond. That’s why communication is one of our commitments. It’ll allow us to complete projects on time or ahead of schedule, and ensure your vision is met. Overall, Touchplan will help us optimize communication and allow us to move forward as one team. 

Take The Stress Out Of Construction

Construction projects don’t have to be stressful any longer. When you work collaboratively with our team at Poli Construction, we ensure to exceed your expectations and deliver results. Now with Touchplan, communication is as easy as ever. For those looking for a professional construction management team in the Central Florida area, look no further. Reach out to us today to see how we can be of service to you! 

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