6 Benefits of Having Poli Construction On Your Next Project

Planning a construction project is an intricate and sometimes grueling process. There is a lot of planning and groundwork involved, especially when it comes to design and development. One of the most important phases of construction is preconstruction. 

Preconstruction encompasses all of the preliminary planning and preparation before the construction even begins. This can include establishing a plan for the project, creating a design, gathering construction materials, and securing permits. It’s very beneficial to have a reputable and transparent construction company to help you along the way, no matter how big or small the project. 

Advantages of Working With Poli

  1. Constructability. Constructability refers to a project management technique that reviews the construction process from start to finish during the preconstruction phase. This method improves quality and encourages cost-effectiveness. Being as efficient as possible is one of the main components of staying on budget. We create meticulous plans in the preconstruction phase to prevent errors from occurring and cost overruns.  
  1. Value Engineering. Focusing on the methodology of value engineering ensures our clients are getting the best quality products and services without overpaying or cutting corners. Value engineering is a procedure that seeks optimum value for initial and long-term investment. This saves time and money upfront. 
  1. Schedule vs. Design. By helping with the design and development of the project, we’re able to create and follow a detailed schedule. This is extremely beneficial for the owner because we can work with them for their occupancy needs.
  1. Work Scopes. We can produce a comprehensive scope of work that will ensure an accurate bid for your project. The work scopes will be utilized to cover the project documents to minimize scope gaps. This is critical in the design process to prevent any misunderstandings or confusion as well as saving money.
  1. Open Book Bidding Process. We will secure a minimum of 3 bids per scope and share the results with the project team. We’ll also recommend a bidder for each category.
  1. Post Bidding Contractors. We will work directly with the project team to post bids to the contractors to ensure the contractor is qualified. We want to make certain that they have all scopes of work covered and understand the project requirements, schedule, and budget. 

These are just a few of the many benefits of working with Poli Construction Inc. We have years of experience and apply that knowledge to help you every step of the way. Whether it’s restructuring, expanding, or constructing something entirely new, the preconstruction phase is key for a successful project.

Let us help

At Poli Construction Inc, we operate as transparently as possible. We believe in being open about communication, upfront about costs, and delivering quality work. Some of the services we offer are commercial services, commercial designs, build-outs, new construction, renovations, and remodeling. Contact us today to get started on a detailed preconstruction plan.

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