Processing Plant Rehab

Client: Reedy Creek Improvement District

Duration: 5 months – outside of procurement delays project delivered on time

Value:$2 million

Key Features:

- 35,000 SF of open storage for recyclable materials

- Engineering upgrades to existing structure to meet new codes

- Dry fire protection system for entire area

- Reroof entire structure

- Sandblasted all elements and painted with high performance paint

- Close to half a mile of electrical bank with new service

Modify Existing Structure and Repurpose Area for new operation as Recovered Materials Processing Plant

Project Overview

Poli Construction took an existing structure and modified/repurposed it into a new 35,000 sq. ft. transfer plant for recyclable materials for the entire Disney World property. Engineering upgrades were performed to meet new code and — given that there were no existing on-site services — all new electrical and water was brought in. Because of bald eagle nesting grounds in the area, Poli Construction had to schedule work between nesting seasons but still managed to deliver the project on time.

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