The Importance and Impacts of Hiring Veterans For Your Business

It can be challenging to find good, hard-working team members that genuinely care about their work. Part of what makes our business at Poli Constriction thrive is having dedicated, passionate, and skilled employees, some of which are veterans. Veterans bring great attributes to the table, including a positive work ethic and efficient leadership skills. They are key to helping bridge the gap between business and community, and effectively serve as role models to those around them. At Poli Construction, 14% of the workforce are veterans compared to the national veteran workforce average of 5.6% (based on 1/2022 data). Some of Poli Construction’s best team members are veterans, including:

George D. Anthony Jr. –  E-5 – U.S. Army Airborne Ranger

Tariq Bacchus – Sergeant E-5 U.S. Army

Joseph Guilmette – Sergeant E-5 U.S. Army

5 Benefits to Hiring Veterans 

Veterans can bring a unique perspective to a business’ team, as well as top-rated skills and qualifications. Some of the many benefits of hiring veterans include:

Hard Work, Done Right

Military members and veterans have the reputation of being highly productive and having an excellent work ethic. When an employee has a great attitude towards work, it can positively impact their fellow coworkers and create a great work environment for all. Having a healthy workplace is of high value at Poli Construction, and is consistent with many other business’ values. 

Efficient Collaboration: All Day, Every Day

Working as a team is instilled in the members of the military. They understand the importance of teamwork and that working together can be efficient. It takes a lot of collaboration to remain successful in any industry, and efficient collaboration can further promote employee satisfaction, growth and overall achievement. 

Impeccable Leadership Skills

In conjunction with working as a team, veterans also have the capability to lead. It’s exceptional to find an employee who can both lead a team and work well alongside them. It creates an added aspect of respect among the workforce, and helps to keep a team focused, structured, and ready to address any challenges.  

Let’s Get Organized!

Many veterans have experience with structure and organization inside and outside the workplace, and oftentimes they carry that into their everyday lives. Veterans can provide businesses with insightful skills into keeping a team organized, on task, and efficient, while promoting organizational skills for employees to utilize and prioritize in their daily work schedule. 

Efficiency is a valuable skill, and veterans can help establish a foundation for which a company can run in an organized manner and get high-quality tasks done quicker, further promoting the success of their employees and overall business.

Workplace Health and Safety

Health and safety are essential within the military and veterans oftentimes emphasize this in their workplace. Workplace safety is a vital component when working in the construction industry and every precaution is necessary to keeping employees and other individuals safe on the job. Having a veteran on a team can help ensure that employees and individuals alike are following safety protocols, prioritizing health and wellness, and working to promote positive health and safety practices among others in the workforce. 

Core Elements of Success: Diversity, Integrity and Respect

Including veterans in your workforce can ensure that their perspectives are being valued and considered, and further promotes diversity within a business’ community. It goes without saying that military members have gained an abundance of respect in our country, but they also provide others with a significant amount of respect in return. Veterans can help employees understand the importance of respect for their coworkers in their workforce, while further encouraging integrity within a business. Employees that care about their integrity within the workplace and in the work that they do is preliminary to the success and growth of a business, especially in the construction industry. 

Veterans at Poli Construction 

With veterans a part of our team, Poli Construction is able to promote new perspectives, ideas and values to the construction industry, and help advance the success of our projects as effectively as possible. At Poli Construction, we get the job done on time and within our client’s budget. We’re proud of our work and every member of our team, and we’re thankful for our veterans who work hard all day, every day. Contact us today for any and all of your construction needs.

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