Building Sweet Success: Poli Construction’s Path to Mochinut’s Opening

A new and exciting restaurant has opened its doors in College Park with the help of Poli Construction. Mochinut is a restaurant with vibrant dishes, specializing in Mochi Donuts, Korean Rice Flour Hotdogs, Bubble Tea, and Soft Serve. Despite encountering unforeseen challenges, the grand opening served as a showcase of collaborative efforts and commitment.

Even in the face of challenges, Poli Construction remained focused on delivering an exceptional product to the clients. Our adept team was able to fix a hidden leak beneath a concrete slab, a process that required the skill and expertise that our team possessed. Poli Construction will always be focused on a project’s success. We embrace challenges like this as an opportunity to showcase our outstanding services.

Always Putting the Client First

The clients, Qing Lin and Tung Nguyen, told our team that despite the delays due to permit challenges, they had an enjoyable experience with Poli Construction. They highlighted our team’s responsiveness, collaborative efforts, and dedication to exceptional quality. The clients also praised the deliberate coordination between all the contractors, stating their satisfaction with the quick resolutions from unexpected moments during the process.

“The interior looks amazing and better than we expected,” the client stated. Poli Construction thrives from positive experiences with our clients.

More on the Magic of Mochinut

Mochinut is renowned for its sweet treats. The more popular items are the Mochi Donuts and Korean Rice Dogs. The donuts are made out of rice flour and offer a chewy, stretchy texture. This makes them different from traditional donuts. Each Mochi Donut consists of eight, small, round, and delicate dough balls that are connected in the shape of a circle.

The Korean Rice Dogs are corn dogs wrapped in a flavorful rice flour batter. The various fillings include spicy sausage, mozzarella, and more. Top it off with diced potatoes, breadcrumbs, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can ask for Hot Cheetos to give it that spicy kick.

Timeline of Transformation for Mochinut’s Grand Debut

This timeline showcases the meticulous construction journey undertaken by Poli Construction to bring Mochinut to life. From its inception through achieving milestones, and ultimately welcoming customers to a vibrant culinary experience.


  • The project officially begins and new frame walls are erected
  • A trench is cut into the concrete to accommodate new plumbing
  • New air ducts are being installed in the ceiling

Beginning of May:

  • The old woodwork, interior walls, and floors have been demolished to make way for the restaurant’s transformation
  • New interior walls are framed with electrical components integrated
  • A new duct system is put in its place

End of May:

  • The interior sees significant progress with the completion of 85% of the tile installed
  • Underground plumbing is ready for inspection while waiting for permits
  • Mechanical rough-in, including ductwork, is completed and awaiting inspection
  • Concrete pouring is ready, pending the successful underground plumbing inspection


  • Underground plumbing has been inspected and successfully completed
  • Soil is compacted and treated, making it ready for concrete pouring after the rebar inspection
  • Electrical inspection for new kitchen walls is completed
  • Drywall is installed
  • Plumbing 2nd rough at demising walls reaches 80% completion and is prepared for the 2nd rough inspection
  • Electrical 2nd rough inspections are set for both the devising wall and above the ceiling, with the upcoming inspection date
  • Drywall repairs at demising walls are planned to be finished soon after the successful electrical inspection and plumbing rough inspections are completed

Grand Opening:

After months of dedication, the moment has arrived. The doors of Mochinut swing open for the grand opening. It serves as a testament to the countless hours, creativity, and commitment poured into each area of the project. Mochinut is a place where patrons can enjoy unique food and an ambiance crafted through experienced construction efforts.

We’re Grateful for Our Clients

As Mochinut opens its doors to customers in College Park, we hope this will serve as an example of the power of collaboration and determination. Poli Construction is filled with gratitude to have had the experience of working alongside Qing Lin and Tung Nguyen. We hope that potential clients see this as an example of our expertise. Our commitment to our clients is unwavering, in fact, it grows stronger with every challenge overcome and each success celebrated at a grand opening.

We’re Looking To Build New Partnerships

Poli Construction is prepared to always go above and beyond for our clients. As you think more about our story with Mochinut we hope you’ll take a moment to visit our services page. You’ll see that we offer a range of services to help you complete your construction project: commercial services, commercial designs, new construction, interior/exterior renovations, and much more. Please contact us to find more information about what we can do for you. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you!

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