Poli Construction’s Goals and Values for 2023

As the year comes to an end, it’s the perfect opportunity to start reflecting on business goals and planning for a successful upcoming year. Establishing goals allows you to track progress throughout the year and ensure that your company culture is thriving.

In 2023, our team at Poli Construction is looking to further advance relationship building and provide innovative construction solutions to serve the community. This blog will discuss the core values that have laid the foundation for our success and pinpoint our goals for the new year. 

Business Goals for the Upcoming Year

After a strong 2022, we have no plans on hitting the brakes. Our niche expertise in building relationships of trust, honesty, and high-quality commitment to our clients has proven to be successful. However, this year we are focusing on simplifying all core processes and implementing a structured business development strategy to help improve efficiency and clarity for projects in the future. 

We also plan on fully staffing operations with RPRS as well as securing a contract with one new large client this year. Achieving these objectives will help Poli reach its measurable one-year revenue goal of $18,150,000.00. 

Our team has always been highly ambitious and motivated to set new business goals no matter how hard they may be to achieve. One reason for this is our understanding of company strengths, which include:

  • Strong support of one another
  • Sharing the same vision and being team players
  • Brand recognition
  • Principles of leadership
  • Taking pride in our work
  • Establishing a foundation of trust and sincerity

These strengths enable us to reach new heights and create meaningful business relationships with partners for years to come. Here is a more in-depth look at Poli’s proven process which has helped simplify construction projects for an abundance of clients. 

Our Core Values

In addition to identifying business goals, it’s equally important to determine your company’s core values. These values will influence and drive success throughout all levels of your organization. At Poli Construction, we have four core values that we pride ourselves on.


Before any project ever takes place, we always ensure that we cover as much as possible about the project, that we learn all your needs, and that we ask as many questions as necessary, whether it be estimating, bidding, or construction. 

Only when we have exhausted all unknowns in our mind will we feel confident to begin. This is our duty not only to our clients but also to our team members and company. It’s inevitable to miss things; however, the key is for those to be insignificant and to have minimal impact on the overall project.


We believe that there is not one person in a project that is more important than another. We are all a part of a team and only with that attitude can we be successful at what we do each day. There is never anything you will be asked to do that we are not ready to do or have not already done in the past. 

Always Improving

Our team at Poli Construction believes that one of the most important attributes of success is never settling and always striving to improve. Like any company, we are not perfect and mistakes are sometimes unavoidable, but what’s important is that we own up to them and learn from mistakes. 

We take every opportunity to continue growing through lessons learned and discuss openly what we can be doing better on a daily basis. We are always improving by working on ourselves internally and being open-minded to change. We don’t mind being corrected or being wrong if that helps us establish better practices and improves efficiency, in fact, we encourage it! 


Being committed to clients and their projects is the last of our core values. Yes, deliverables or subcontractors sometimes don’t show up, but the ending result is what matters most. No matter what road bumps are on the path ahead, our team always finds a way to do all we can to help clients achieve their needs. 

Let’s Strive for a Successful 2023 Together 

At Poli Construction, we believe that putting clients before anything else is the key to a successful business partnership. From day one, we lay a foundation of trust and incorporate you every step of the way to ensure the project goes as desired. Working with us provides mutual benefit to both parties and alleviates much of the stress that comes with construction. For more information on how we can start a beneficial relationship, please contact us to set up an appointment today. 

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