Investing In Workplace Wellness

Most adults spend the majority of their time and energy at their place of work. When employees are unhappy at their job, it can negatively impact their mental and physical health. At Poli Construction Inc, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work environment. Employees’ well-being and work performance is increasingly significant to long-term success and satisfaction, and is imperative to ensuring business growth. 

Work Culture

Poli Construction realizes that one of the most important tools in our industry is our people. Without them, we could not be successful in our endeavors and achieve our goals. We believe it’s important to invest in our team to enhance our employees’ work skills, while also encouraging training to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. We provide training for our team to help remove stress from their life, and to establish a positive path for growth in and outside of the workplace environment. 

We’ve partnered with Boaz to host monthly sessions to discuss new areas for Poli Construction to focus on. For this training course, we also purchased the book “How To Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie for the entire team to incorporate its lessons into our monthly sessions. This unique course has already positively affected our work culture, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it continues to improve our team’s personal and professional lives.

Workplace Wellness Tips

At Poli Construction, we’ve made it our mission to provide a healthy workplace for our team and encourage every company to do the same, no matter the industry. There are some small and large steps you can take to ensure a healthy workplace for your team. Here are some suggestions to improve workplace wellness:

  • Start with training. Training shouldn’t be reserved for new employees or positions only. Offer training and educational courses to all employees to advance their skills and help them feel more confident in their work. 
  • Suggest a buddy system. Pairing new hires with more experienced employees can help ease the transition into the company. Starting a new job can be overwhelming, so if there’s a way to make new employees feel more comfortable, businesses should prioritize it.  
  • Emphasize health and wellness. Providing accessible resources on health and wellness for all employees should be mandatory. All employees should be aware of what the company offers and their health insurance benefits. 
  • Yearly physical. Most health insurance policies include a free annual physical, but not everyone takes advantage of that. Allow employees to take a day for their physicals and help them achieve their health goals.
  • Implement hydration. No matter the industry the person works in, hydration is important. However, if they’re working outdoors, they might need more hydration than others. Offer accessible hydration stations and gift employees with reusable water bottles. 
  • Allow communication. Give employees the space to communicate any concerns they might have. They should feel comfortable discussing any concerns in a safe environment.

Poli Construction’s Culture

While ultimately it’s every person’s responsibility to take care of their health, we believe companies should advocate and provide a healthy workplace for their team. There are a variety of ways employers can help their employees live their best life.

At Poli Construction Inc, we take pride in providing an excellent space for our team and promoting positive workplace wellness. If you are interested in hiring a company that prioritizes the health and happiness of their employees, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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