Hiring People Or The Person?

Every company has its list of core values. These values are supposed to represent the company’s culture, including its workforce. When companies hire employees who don’t align with their core values, it throws off the synergy of the entire organization. At the end of the day, a chain is as strong as its weakest link.

During the hiring process, we at Poli Construction Inc. keep this in mind. We are passionate about our core values. They aren’t just buzzwords to us, they are the foundation of our company. Our core values live and breathe through our business from the ground up. This blog will discuss Poli Construction’s core values and what type of employee we want on our team.

Core Values At Poli Construction Inc. 

Our core values are vital to us because they are the guiding principles of how we operate our business. Moreover, we seek to hire people who exhibit these core values in their everyday lives. The following are the five core values that intertwine with our vision. 


At Poli Construction, we serve a group of niche and demanding clients. This means that all of our work needs to be of the highest quality. We strive to not only deliver quality results but also quality customer service by being there at every step of the construction process. We want team members who go above and beyond by committing to the level of quality we’re expected to deliver. 

Always Do The Right Thing

The bastion of any successful business is honesty. Constructing trustful relationships is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and build credibility. No matter how difficult or costly a job may be, we never cut corners. We want team members who are willing to put in the extra effort even when nobody’s watching. 

Improve Or Move Over

We didn’t get to where we are today by settling for decent team members. Our company is constantly improving and so is our workforce. At Poli Construction, we invest in the person. We put critical time and effort into feeding our employees’ professional growth. From hard-hat workers to company CEOs, everyone has room for improvement. Our team is hungry, adaptable, and coachable. 

Team Work

Strength comes in numbers, and this is especially true for construction companies. Poli Construction prioritizes communication and teamwork. We all succeed together or fail together. When workers make the commitment to work for one another as a team, injuries are reduced, and productivity is increased. 


We believe that your word is your bond. When we take on construction projects, we also take full accountability for any mistake that may occur along the way. Holding each other accountable allows us to be the best version of ourselves. It builds commitment to the company and improves employee morale. Our team is not afraid to ask questions, push one another, and hold each other responsible. This is what makes the difference between good and outstanding companies. 

Do You Feel Like You Display These Core Values? 

Our core values don’t just apply to the company. We want every member at every level of our business to radiate these qualities. This is important to consider when hiring the right people to fill positions within our organization. Companies often panic to fill positions and just hire people. Here at Poli Construction, we hire the person that will fit with the existing team we have in place and have the same beliefs and core values we do. 

If you feel you meet our core values and are looking for an employer that invests in their employees, then check out our careers page and join our team.

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