As your family grows and your house starts to feel too small, you have two choices. You can either pack up and leave the home you love to move into a bigger house with a bigger mortgage payment, or you can stay in your home and simply add on. Adding on is an excellent way to increase your home’s living space without having to move. Modify your home to accommodate your family’s size and needs!

At Poli Construction, we know how much living in the comfort of your home means to you, and we want to make it easier for you to stay in the home that you love. This is why we offer professional quality, timely and affordable room additions done by a construction company you can trust. Whether you simply want to add on another bathroom or you want to double the size of your home, Poli Construction can turn your current home into your dream home with a quality home addition.

Are you unsure about the amount of space you need to add to your home in order to accommodate your growing family? If so, Poli Construction offers a helpful, new feature called 3D modeling that is sure to assist you in your decision making process. With 3D modeling, you can see a three-dimensional digital representation of what the end result of your home’s construction will look like, before the building process begins. Utilizing 3D modeling allows you to make construction and design decisions easier than you would be able to from just looking at builder blueprints.

Are you worried about the cost of adding on to your home? With Poli Construction, cost never has to be a worry. We work with you and your budget to help create a quality room addition you can afford. We don’t surprise you with hidden costs and fees. Instead, we give you an estimate, and then we work hard to complete your project on time and on budget.

When it comes to hiring a construction company to build a room addition on to your house, you have plenty of choices. Choose the construction company that will offer you excellent customer service and professional quality work at an affordable price: Poli Construction. You’ll be glad you did.