Restaurant Remodeling in Orlando

While serving fantastic meals is one essential ingredient of running a successful restaurant, it isn’t the only one. In order to attract new customers and keep your current ones, your restaurant must also have a great atmosphere as well. If your restaurant is outdated, you are probably losing money due to less attraction to your restaurant due to its external appearance. Remodel your restaurant and increase your profits with professional restaurant remodeling from Poli Construction. Some benefits of hiring Poli Construction include:

Create a Great Atmosphere with Poli Construction

Whether you want your building to be modern, contemporary or to follow a certain theme, trust us to create the perfect look for your individual needs. We offer carpeting, hardwood, tile, masonry, and dry wall remodeling. Whatever you need to create the perfect restaurant remodel, we can provide.

Experience the Benefits of In-House Work

Sub-contracting work out to other companies is a very common practice in the construction industry. Here at Poli Construction, however, we complete no less than 80 percent of our work in house. This not only helps speed up the process and lowers the cost, but it also ensures a consistent level of professionalism throughout every conponent of the project. Furthermore, it limits the number of people who have access to your restaurant, improving your company’s security.



Use 3D Modeling to See Your Restaurant Model Before Construction Begins

When planning the design for a remodel, it can be quite difficult to know what the final project will look like before it is completed. Don’t risk choosing materials that won’t look right once the project is completed. Poli Construction offers a new technology called 3D modeling that will allow you to see a picture representation of the finished project before it is completed. Poli Construction is one of the few Florida construction companies to offer this helpful new service.


Why settle for a slow restaurant when you could create the most attractive and busiest dining spot in town? Choose Poli Construction for the professional quality restaurant remodeling you need, and get ready for business to boom.