Interior/exterior Renovations

commercial-3Your building conveys the character of your company. Are you modern and professional or are you in need of an up-date? Make sure your company is giving your customers the right impression by contracting Poli Construction to update your building. No matter what message you want to send your customers, Poli Construction can design the interior or exterior renovation you need to send the right message to your customers.

Exterior Renovation

The outside of your business should be fully functional and highly attractive, drawing customers in. If your business’s exterior looks out-of-date, let the experts at Poli Construction renovate it to give your business the look it needs. We offer a wide variety of services, including construction using concrete, brick, stone, and masonry. We can also update your roof, doors, windows, and any other external feature of your building. If you are ready for a look that draws customers in, give Poli Construction a call today!

Interior Renovation

Your business’s interior should feel professional and inviting. Make sure that it does with a quality interior renovation from Poli Construction. We offer a wide variety of services, including dry walling, painting, framing, carpeting, tiling, and wood flooring. We can also update your mechanical and electrical systems to make your building safer. If you are ready for a look that is professional and up-to-date, Poli Construction is ready to make it happen.

See Your Designs Before You Commit

Are you unsure what exactly you are looking for in your interior or exterior renovation? If so, we have a new technology you are sure to be interested in: 3D Modeling. With 3D Modeling, you can see exactly what your exterior or interior renovation will look like before it is completed, allowing you to have further control over the design process. Poli Construction is one of the few companies offering renovations in Florida that offers this service, so if you want to know that your renovation is going to look great before you commit, give us a call today!